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The Ventilator Accommodation Support Service Food Forest Garden was the dream of one of the facility’s residents, Gerard, who was inspired by the Growroom urban farm to create an immersive food forest garden for the residents. Inspired by the idea of “abundance” and the joy this provides, the design for the garden was developed in consultation with the residents and directed by Gerard.

The design theme is to take a dull and institutionalised landscape space and turn it into a planted oasis with a strong focus on the production of food. The garden will provide an immersive plant experience, with a range of raised beds which residents can sit amongst and brush against. A small pond provides water, movement and
habitat for the native wildlife the residents love. Seating has been designed to allow groups and individuals to enjoy the space, with the configuration responding directly to how people want to use the garden. Covering the whole space is a light pergola trellis, dripping in edible plants and providing shade and shelter.

At the rear of the garden is the Greenroom – the original inspiration for the design.

This will be a space specifically designed to meet the climatic conditions of this garden and the needs of the residents, and will be dripping in food plants including green walls and roof, and possibly heating to support the resident’s needs. The Greenroom will allow residents to come out doors, even in poor weather, to
experience the respite and joy which gardens bring.

At the request of the residents seasonality will be an essential part of the garden.

The production of food is strongly seasonal, and the garden will change with the ebb and flow of the year, providing a moving, restful space for everyone and an abundance of food.