You will all be pleased to know that the funds that Gerard has raised over the past 3 or 4 years are all safe and secure in a trust account ready to be passed onto the Global Gardens of Peace team. It will involve a trip out to Warrandyte to get the bank cheque. My instructions were to hang onto it until the project is a definite goer- so in the next few weeks, the cheque will eb drawn up and handed over as we are now well over $200,000 towards the total of $262,000.

I know how grateful Gerard was and Max. Zac and myself are for all of your support for this project. We are soooo excited to finally have some movement on it and it is a real buzz attending meetings and working with the Global Gardens team on Gerard’s behalf. Your support has been tremendous and we look forward to inviting you all to the opening as everyone’s input has been so important for helping us takes steps forward to getting this project off the ground. As Gerard said in one of his blogs, from tiny seeds, big things grow. With each “seed” donated, that has helped us move towards creating a beautiful environment for the residents, their families and the staff at VASS- a community where Gerard spent 6 years and one where he would eb very proud to leave his lasting legacy,