Tomorrow (June 1st) will be 8 months since Gerard left us. At times it seems just like yesterday and at others, like forever. We miss his cheeky grin, his wicked sense of humour and his energy and motivation for his projects. I haven’t felt much like posting. Actually I haven’t had much of a chance. Gerard is always with us- his grey blanket is on the couch, the dogs  use the old back of his chair (the original one) as a cushion. The boys wear his puffer jacket.

Our own personal back garden has now been completed- thanks to Catherine Condell Gardens and Canterbury Landscapes. (Bernie from the Global Gardens of Peace) Gerard and I worked together to select all of the plants and finalise the design with Cathy (a girl I went to school with). Breakfast out there last Sunday was a little chilly.

The Global Gardens of Peace is about to commence its formal fundraising campaign for the VASS Food Forest (or Gerard’s Garden) – so that is exciting. We have an event coming up in June to launch the campaign and there will be some more events coming. We will keep you posted.

Gerard’s personal fundraiser- thank you so much to all of our supporters – has reached just over $14,000 (Which includes $5000 from the sale of Gerard’s van)  Now that the MoU has been signed off between Yooralla and the Global Gardens of Peace, Gerard’s funds will be pooled with their $106,000 and the Global Gardens of Peace fundraising efforts. Exciting times ahead as we get closer to building “Gerard’s Garden” at VASS.