On Monday February 28th 2022, from 1:30pm – 2:45pm (Melbourne Time), the Austin Health Tracheostomy Patient and Family Forum will continue with it’s series, Continuing Conversations that Count. This particular family and friends forum on The Restorative Power of Nature is especially exciting as it will include a tribute to Gerard and will feature Andrew Laidlaw, Renowned Landscape Architect, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, President of Global Gardens of Peace and designer of Gerard’s Food Forest.
There will be a special welcome from the Global Tracheostomy Collaborative.

Don’t miss Andrew’s powerful message on the positive impact that nature and gardens can have on health and wellbeing. Andrew will also be speaking on the exciting ‘Food Forest Project,’ of which the late Gerard Stevenson, tracheostomy patient, author and businessman, initiated and was a key driving force. Silvia & John Cama and Peter & Sue Stickney – These inspiring patients and family members will share stories on the restorative power of nature.

You are more than welcome to attend this Free on Line Zoom event:

Register here https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_WJDKjWrgQH-nLk6fv40zyQ

The Tracheostomy Patient and Family Forums began in 2017. Since then, a vibrant, growing tracheostomy
community has regularly met to share stories, challenges, encouragement and ways to thrive while living with a
tracheostomy. All are welcome: Tracheostomy patients, families, carers, clinicians and others who would like to participate and learn together through Continuing Conversations that Count